Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sesame Street

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Gosh! April pa last post ko?! Pak shet yun ah.

I've been so busy since the last month and I feel a little down that's why I haven't had any new post. Well I've been blessed to have event shoots again since June so I had some extra money to pay the bills and do a little shopping. But I'm a little bothered because I don't like my shots lately. Ang papanget eh. I think I'm burned out already, I think I need to go out of town and recharge my creative juices. I really don't like my shots lately, they are so flat, when I started with events photography I know how to make a plain event look nice but lately I can't seem to do it anymore and I don't know what to do. Maybe being bored and demotivated with my office work contributes to this situation I am currently in. I feel so weak because I wanna transfer to a new work and I haven't found a new company that fits with my um... idea of a nice office. Actually I have found one already and they have yet to call for my final interview and they're like taking forever. Right now I want to transfer to a new company that would provide me with a lot of growth and opportunity to learn new techs. When that happens I could be settled and feel secure and hopefully with this positive vibe I would be able to shoot nice pictures again.

Oh the title of the post is B-Z so I have to at least make this match with it so here goes... I've been busy looking for a new company and I have been taking a leave almost every week just so I could go to interviews and tests. I have also been shooting events again, going to work so I wouldn't get fired, contacting my high school batchmates and plan for our high school reunion, going to Bene again because the retreat season has started, go home early so that I could take care of my sisters and lastly meeting with a new client for an IT raket. That's why I don't have the time to go to the gym and my zips class. I feel so stressed I need a massage :(

Thursday, April 27, 2006

April Bora trip

I went to Bora last weekend and it was fun but very tiring and bitin. I left the office around 4pm Thursday afternoon to meet my church friends at Jollibee Alabang and we were able to leave around 5pm. We arrived at Batangas port around 7pm and took the 8pm trip of Montenegro Lines going to Calapan. We arived at Calapan around 1030pm and took a van going to Roxas Mindoro, this was a 2 hour trip since driver doesn't slow down, maybe he's constipated. We arrived at Roxas port around 1am and boarded the StarLite Roro that will be leaving by 3am. Last year we arrived at Roxas around 2am and there were no more seats so this time we thought we would be able to seat but alas there were no more seats so we had to settle on the floor and spread out our sarongs so we could lie down. Around 5am I went up the ship so I could watch the sunrise but there were a lot of clouds so the sun was a bit high already when we saw a glimpse of it. We reached the Caticlan port around 7am and took a banca to Boracay island. I was a bit excited because I wanna see how the island looks like during peak season and I was not disappointed because it was packed with people and you could just feel the vibe and energy around :)
For our first day we just settled down and ate lunch at Jasper's and after that we had our island hop. The island hop was just so-so, the only part I liked was the stop at Puka beach where we had our pictorial. I had dinner at Shenna's with my college friends and watched the MTV Summber Break bikini contest because my friend was a contestant. Since everybody was tired from the trip they all went to bed early so I was alone and I just walked the white beach to Friday's and just chilled.
For my 2nd day I woke up around 6am and walked along the beach while zipping. I saw my college friends and we walked up to station 1 where we took some more pictures. We had our breakfast at Jonah's so I ordered my favorite banana choco peanut shake and a sandwich. This made me so full that I had my lunch around 3pm at Jonah's again, this time I ordered a mango banana and a sandwich. My college friends and I also tried the banana boat and after that I went to Bamboo cottages to have a dinner buffet with my church friends. The lechon was so delicious sobra! After dinner we just prepared for the Hed Kandi party that night. We watched the fire dancers first at Aria before going to the Hed Kandi party. My college friends got bored because it was already 12am and the party still hasn't started so they went to their rooms already. I stayed with some other friends until 4am before I called it a night. The party was ok, I really love house music and there were a lot of celebs at the party.
For our 3rd day we just relaxed and did a lot of swimming and some shopping at D'Mall. I bought a pair of thai pants and to add to my collection a pair of chopsticks :) I had my siesta and prepared for some pictorial by the sunset but I overslept so we were not able to do some sunset pictorials. I accompanied my college friends to the buffet so they could taste the lechon, we had a little chat before we went out to look for some kerosene because I wanted to try my friend's fire zips but we couldn't find any so I was majorly disappointed that just pulled my energy down and so I just went to the room to watch the launch of PBB Teen Edition. After watching it I went to bed na because we had to leave early the next day.
So it was really bitin because there were some activities I wasn't able to do and I really wasn't able to rest at all. Here is my tan and I so like it but I'm alredy starting to peel so I think I need to get back to Bora, pronto! :)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006




I am Freakin' Fuckin Stressed here at the office!!!! I just got a new set of goals for the team, as if there's such a thing as a team eh I am the only one who does the porting tasks because my teammates have other priorities. These goals messed up the goals that we have set last week, like my officemate would say "Bastusan ng goal". I think I'm hyperventilating, I need to keep my cool because my hands are shakin as I am typing this. I think I am doing the work of 3 people that's why Im a little freaked out. Imagine that you need to know almost 500 cellphone models from different manufactureres and their specifications like screen size and MIDP versions, plus you need to know if a certain application has been done for that phone and we have 5 applications, can you do the math? I think my brain is not kulot anymore :(
I think I will be zipping when I go home tonight and I really need the Bora vacation next week...

So to stop this negativity I'll do what my friend does on her blog and list down...
5 things that I should be thankful for today
- ah... I can't think of any right now, maybe I'll try this tomorrow

I miss my iPod, I left it at home :(

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Work abroad? Nah!

I am a bit upset ok... no, I'm mad and irritated. Why? Because my mom told me last night that my Kuya would want me to shoulder half of the tuition fee of my sister and he will take the half. Confused din ako, bakit 50-50 kami? He is the one working in Dubai, he is the one who is earning a lot bigger than I am earning and dalawa pa sila ng wife niya dun. Ok his defense would be he has a family so he sends his money to the Philippines to sustain their house here and for the basic necessities of their daughter and his in-laws. My defense would be I shoulder ALL the expenses at our house like food and utilities so we could have the same expenses. It's not that I don't wanna help my sister, it's just that my money is just enough right now for those responsibilites, I am just not ready financially on taking on a new one like the tuition fee and my sister's allowance, gosh! Although I earn a little extra from photography I don't wanna count on that because it's not a regular thing. Also I can't help but wonder that eventhough I have these responsibilities I could still buy some photography equipments, plan for out of town vacations and take on hobbies, that's hobbIES, its plural. If they could present me a good argument on why I should leave the country then I will stand by my argument... why would I work abroad if it seems as though I could shell out the same amount with someone who is earning a different currency?

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Zip sad

Haaay... it's Thursday and supposed to be me zips class kami tonight kaso sobra daming gigs ng instructor namin kaya walang zips class this week. Ok lng if wala today pero wala din sa weekend :( eh gusto ko pa naman matuto ng new moves. Good thing there's this site www.homeofpoi.com where I could learn new moves so I think I'll try to learn a new one when I get home tonight.

Monday, March 27, 2006


I've been studying Zips for a month now and nakaka-addict siya. I usually attend the Thursday class at Bel-Air pero since nabilang ko na konti na lang meetings na puwede ako mag-attend before I go to Bora I decided to take the Saturday class at Valle Verde and I'm still thinking of taking the Sunday class. Usually after I learn a move ng Thursday I practice it during weekends. Ok siya kasi nakaka pawis talaga and nakaka tone ng shoulders so very good exercise talaga. Well I can't wait to do fire on my 6th or 7th module. Pag ganun mag post ako pic of me doing fire zips kaya for the mean time eh typical zips muna and our "class picture" with our instructor Paulino (guy wearing Zidjian black shirt).